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Etekcity Surge Protector

The etekcity surge protector is a new mountable surge protector that provides power to your computer or device with 4 usb 2. 0 and 3 outlet options. The surge protector also has a built-in protecter that helps keep your device or computer safe from surge damage. This device is a great addition to your ecommerce store and will keep you and your customers safe from any potential surges or damage.

 Furman SS-6B Pro 6 Plug 15ft AC Outlet Power Surge Conditio

Furman SS-6B Pro 6 Plug 15ft AC


USD $150.40

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The etekcity surge protector is a great product for those that need power when they need to go over the top of their router or computer. It comes with an included power strip and three usb slots, making it perfect for taking with you when you go online, or when you need to use your computer at home. The protector also has a four-plug outlet, so you can leave it on its own while you still have access to your device.
this is a surges protection power strip for wall mount. It comes with a dual usb charger and a tfr4 connector foratted on the power strip. It's also detachable for easy storage.
this etekcity surge protector is perfect for your wall. It has 6 outlet and usb ports to power your devices. It is also 6eradaric quality with a well-made construction. This surge protector is sure to protect your money and your property.